Conference Venue

CRIWG 2017 will be held in Saskatoon, Canada. Saskatoon is the largest city (300,000+) in the prairie province of Saskatchewan, and is famous for its friendly culture and its beautiful parkland setting on the South Saskatchewan river. Saskatoon in August has a wonderful climate - the average temperature is 25 degrees C, with warm nights and sunny days. Saskatoon is also easy to reach, with direct flights from Minneapolis (Delta), Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto (Air Canada).

The main conference venue for CRIWG 2017 is the ParkTown Hotel, located in the heart of Saskatoon. The venue is close to restaurants and entertainment sites, and is just across the river from the University of Saskatchewan. Room rates start at $130 CAD, including breakfast; in addition, student accommodations are available on the U of S campus (a 20 minute walk) from $50 CAD.

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